GameGuru Classic Christmas fixes released!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Christmas Fixes update for GameGuru Classic, covering all the bugs reported on our issues board since the Autumn fixes release a few months ago.

As we introduce new features to the GameGuru MAX, Classic will settle into being a far more stable product, and Classic will, of course, benefit from any bug fixes that occur during MAX development. We have tethered the source codes to both products, so bug fixes in one benefit the other, ensuring Classic is maintained alongside the develoment of MAX.

Rather than an exhaustive list of Classic fixes, here are some highlights of the fixes and tweaks:

  • Custom loading screen cut off fixed
  • MouseWheel functionality while scripting fixed
  • OGG sound files now get encrypted when saving a standalone
  • Surfaces and Ambient changes in script no longer affect permanent level settings
  • The camera distance slider now works as required
  • The force=x setting in the gun spec no longer applies that force to the player
  • RPG Rounds now work in save standalone games
  • Fixed issue with walls and other structures disappearing during save operation of the EBE
  • Improved render order of transparent decals and particle effects
  • Improved copying of files when performing save standalone function
  • Fixed issue with ActivateMouse when a Dual Screen Monitor is set up
  • Draw Call Optimizer now works better with multi-textured entities
  • Shadows no longer flicker when a shot is fired
  • The lock state of an entity is preserved when entering and leaving the test game
  • Entities no longer move when opening their properties

For those who submitted bug reports to the GitHub issues board, thank you for your time in helping us reproduce and track down the issues you found. Please continue using the board to submit any new issues you find in 2021 and we will be happy to keep you furnished with updates. 

Until the next one, have a great Christmas break and happy game-making!