GameGuru MAX Cold War Booster Pack released

TheGameCreators continuing collaboration with 'Wizard of Id' has yielded our next GameGuru MAX Booster Pack. This time the talented artist has updated and improved his GameGuru Classic Cold War DLC.

The Cold War Booster Pack has all the great features of the original, but with additional pieces to bring the pack up to date and bring it in line with the recently released Secret Bunker and Industrial Sewers Booster packs.

Included in this collection are over 500 great assets ideal for almost any modern-era genre. You get a great selection of large bunker tiles to assemble in many ways to create maps with a truly dark and unique feel. You will also find various props you can place to add further definition to your scenes. With these assets, you can create a wide variety of room layouts to create mazes, military compounds, or hidden bases.

You can find out more and get a copy for yourself here: