GameGuru MAX leaves Early Access!

TheGameCreators latest easy-to-use 3D game-maker GameGuru MAX leaves Early Access today and transitions into the Release Candidate testing phase in anticipation of the official V1 launch.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to all the Steam users who helped us test and refine the product over the last 12 months of Early Access, and we are summoning our amazing community once more for final testing.

The Release Candidate Phase means that during the run-up to V1 release, the present feature set will be frozen, and only small functional additions will be possible to expand specific capabilities, when considered absolutely essential to the core.  The majority of the work will be in testing and bug fixing, and at the time of writing we have around 60 issues to address.  We have also introduced a new GitHub issues board tag called 'showstopper' that will be used to ensure we don't release until GameGuru MAX is stable enough for widespread use.

Here is a special link that lists these issues so you can track our progress and contribute new issues if you find them.  We are testing everything now, and as a recap here are the headline features currently available to you:

  • FPS, RPG and PUZZLE Genres
  • 18 Demo Games and Built-in Tutorials
  • Storyboard Editor and Customizable Game Screens
  • Terrain Generator and Terrain Heightmap Importer
  • Level Editor and Environmental Effects
  • Character Creator
  • Building Editor
  • Particle Editor
  • Game Asset Libraries
  • Enemy and Ally AI with Visual Logic System
  • 3D Model Importer
  • Export Standalone Games
  • Virtual Reality Support
  • Asset Store Integration
  • 237-page User Manual

GameGuru MAX is the culmination of over 20 years of game-making tools experience and we believe it's now one of the best ways to get started in the world of game-making and an ideal first tool if you are not familiar with scripting, programming or game development in general. 

GameGuru MAX fits into a unique place in the market. It is not intended to replace more established industry tools, but to provide an easy to use, off the shelf solution to quality, commercial game development, suited to all users, regardless of your experience.

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We look forward to seeing what you create with GameGuru MAX!  Happy Game Making!