GameGuru MAX Low Poly Asset Pack - Far East Outpost released!

Introducing the latest instalment in the Low Poly range of GameGuru MAX assets, the Far East Outpost Asset Pack!

The Far East Outpost is a glimpse of an ancient and rich culture with grand temples and distinct architecture.

Containing 100+ new assets that may be used countless ways, it's a perfect way to expand your world into new and exciting biomes!

The pack includes...

  • Grand Temple
  • Smaller Temples
  • Common Dwellings
  • Walls and Statuary
  • General Decorative Items
    • Tables
    • Bonsai Trees
    • Armour and Weapons
    • Barrels, Buckets, and Pottery
    • Debris
    • Lamps and Lanterns

Featured in this pack are three brand new weapons - the Wakizashi, the Tanto and the Cruel Wakizashi! Also included are three brand new characters; The Peasant Labourer, The Undead Ninja Footpad and the dreaded Oni Samurai!

Adapted for the GameGuru MAX engine by the artist 'Kasseyus', all weapons and character parts are fully compatible with the existing character creator parts, increasing the customisable choices available to choose from!

Optimised exclusively for use in GameGuru MAX and geared to make great use of VR, explore like never before, with the Low Poly range of assets for GameGuru MAX!

You can check this great Mini-Kit out on Steam here:

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