GameGuru MAX - Particle Editor is now the Particles Booster Pack!

Today we make a key change in response to feedback from GameGuru MAX users - The Particle Editor Tool is now included as a core feature of MAX and the Particle Editor effects library now becomes the Particles Booster Pack!

Leverage the power of your GPU to add complex effects with high particle counts - without a big performance impact!  This collection boosts the particle effects available in the Particle Editor library from the default 28 particles to over 270!

Each particle effect can be controlled and moved by building a layered stack of influencer effects such as reflectors, swirls, forces and attractors.

Once an effect has been chosen from the expanded library, you can export it and use it in your GameGuru MAX games by adding it from the particle library.

Features found in the new particle effects include:

  • Burst emitters for explosions and sparks

  • Textures for common effects

  • Different tinting and gradients

  • Orientation for camera facing, billboard, full 3D rotation and movement speed

  • Turbulence system for adding natural looking randomness to the effects

  • Layered vector fields controlling movement and flows

  • Shaped layers for directional forces, attract/repel and swirl particles

  • Reflectors for bouncing particles

All existing owners of the former Particle Editor will automatically get the newly named Particles Booster Pack, no need to do anything as Steam will update you automatically.  All GameGuru MAX users will get the particle editor tool, but only existing and new users of the Particles Booster Pack will get the full library of effects.

You can find out more information by visiting the official GameGuru MAX Particles Booster Pack Steam page