GameGuru MAX The Old Subway Booster Pack Released!

The Modern Day Booster Pack - The Old Subway has arrived! Created exclusively for GameGuru MAX by long-time artist WizardOfID, this pack offers everything you could want to create your own metro systems. Designed to cover many genres from Victorian, through to modern day and into post-apocalyptic, dystopian nightmare games.

You'll find subway platforms, linking corridors, and a load of props, all GameGuru MAX-ready, Each section is designed to snap cleanly, for ease of use, allowing you to very quickly create subways, metro stations, and abandoned tunnels.

Many of the assets come with multiple texture variations, giving you a huge number of choices, and are all created with the usual attention to detail you've come to expect from WizardOfId.

If you're looking to add some subterranean ambiance to your games, this is one to check out!

Dream it! Build it! Play it!

Grab yourself a copy of this superb pack now