GameGuru MAX - What's new?

Todays new build of GameGuru MAX fixes some of those pesky bugs and brings some new improvements too - including:

Combat and Logic

  • Improved movement and animation system for characters
  • Finer control of when and at what modulation objects can rotate to follow the path
  • Increased all weapon sound volumes slightly
  • Fixed issue of characters jerking to the side from time to time
  • New ability to disable flash light in player start marker
  • Added 16 new player hurt sound effects
  • Added camera shake when player takes damage or hurt


  • Turned on back face culling for tree trunks whilst staying off for branches

LUA Scripting

  • Added new LUA command GetEntityAnimationTriggerFrame
  • Added Lua command "LimitSwimmingVerticalMovement(0)" to prevent limitation of vertical movement whilst swimming - allows ladders to work in water
  • Fix for "SetPlayerFOV" Lua command no longer working


  • Added support for new collision mode "Collision Mesh" which loads in an OBJ file
  • Now detects and hides any frame called collision_mesh and can use this for the collisionmode of 8


  • Added ANIMSETOVERRIDE in GUNSPEC so weapons can determine the animation sets used by characters


  • Added built in tutorial for importing heightmaps

Character Creator

  • Fix for incorrect room being loaded when exiting the Character Creator and then starting it again

Level Editor

  • Fix for group icons becoming out of sync with the selected group


  • Updated the default reflectance value to 0.04


  • Improved initialization to fix potential crash
  • Fix for animations not playing in test game
  • Fix for vegetation disappearing when using undo
  • Fix for objects moved after sculpting not being undoable
  • Fix for gravity bug after jumping off a ladder whilst swimming
  • Fixed the jungle trees 1 and 2 from causing a flickering issue

Finally, don't forget we're running our Real World Game Level competition with cash prizes! Read the detail HERE