GameGuru MAX - What's new this week?

There's a whole host of new Behaviors for you to try!

Here is another maintenance version that adds the following:

  • Added new animation set awareness in behaviors to choose different animations
  • Characters are now aware of their weapon fire rate and clip size for reloading
  • Added new Animation Library to choose which animation to play
  • New weapon folders are now detected and shown for player and characters
  • Smart object system now saves static state and corrects quaternion rotation
  • Added the first Guide to outline how users can create their own melee weapons
  • Fixed issue causing a large number of enemies to 'not see' the player or other enemies
  • Added new Behaviors to the library, courtesy of the author Necrym59
  • Added new compact mode for position, rotation, and scale, better for advanced users
  • Cleaned the Behavior Library categories to hide the non-script folders
  • Added new offline mode to Steam version, allows 30 days grace offline

Some of the above were included in the Animation Booster Pack released earlier this week, and are now part of the Friday update for everyone to use and enjoy. Do let the team know via our GitHub issues board if you have any problems.

If you don't already own GameGuru MAX, you can get a free trial version here.

Finally, best of luck to everyone who is entering the screenshot competition!

Happy game-making!