GameGuru Twitch previews new Sci Fi Pack

Earlier this week, Ravey from the GameGuru team ran a live Twitch session where he showcased the soon to be released Sci Fi pack DLC for GameGuru.

The pack is now released and can be purchased on the GameGuru site here

This DLC includes over 200 items! Here's a breakdown of what's inside;

  • 23 Building parts
  • 7 Characters (alien, space marines and a spaceman)
  • 11 Collectables
  • 73 Decals
  • 34 Interior sections
  • 21 Rocks
  • 43 Scenery items
  • 3 Martian terrains
  • 3 Martian skies

To get a sneak peek at the high quality content packed into this new DLC just watch the recorded Twitch here. We're really pleased with the pack and we hope you will be too.

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The GameGuru Team