Welcome to the Wastelands!

Welcome Wasteland Wanderers!

Are you looking for something to populate your dream post-apocalyptic landscape? Well you're in luck as we've teamed up with some great 3D artists to produce a new wave of exciting DLC's for GameGuru MAX. First off are two top quality booster packs, ideal for wastelands, dystopian futures, zombies fests, shanty towns and more.


As any good Wasteland Explorer will tell you, things break down, and need repairing. So, where do they go? To the Wasteland Workshop! - featuring over 200 objects in various states of repair. Included in the DLC you'll find workshop furniture, tools, batteries, scrap metal, work sheds, fuel pumps, junk, signs, a few weaponized tools and a host of other items to bring your levels to life. Almost all objects come with clean, worn and rusty texture variants, so the pack is ideal for your needs, whatever state you imagine it to be in.

Sample Wasteland Workshop


We all know that the wasteland is a dangerous place, so a sensible wanderer will be looking for something to protect themselves with. Thankfully, the Wasteland Weapons' DLC has arrived. Featuring 10 unique improvised melee weapons' with 2 texture variants, providing 20 weapons in total. All weapons are fully animated and can be equipped by the player, or even given to characters.

Whatever your melee defense needs, this DLC has it! Looking for a spiked club, an improved spear, or just a heavy cement club? This DLC has it! Add to that several blades, a hammer, an axe, a knuckleduster and a rusty pipe -  we've got it all :-)

Summary of Weapons

To check out these DLC in more detail and take advantage of a launch discount of 15%, visit the Steam product pages here: Wasteland Workshop DLC and Wasteland Weapons DLC