Wednesday Guru Meeting

My monthly meetings are usually general strategy and management (one of the hats I wear is CEO and need to be there), but today we had a proper GameGuru meeting and travelled all the way down to nearly-London to host it. Starting at 8AM, and finishing at 5PM, with barely a pause to eat the contents of a sandwich we bashed out all our ideas for 2016 and where they fit in the grand scheme of things.  On my return, I found some cool new art which will supplement the SCIFI DLC (yes, MORE content for anyone who owns this DLC).  I am also keen to gift a few items from each DLC into the core product for free (as tasters) and would be interested in learning from existing DLC owners how much content would be fair to copy across (5%, 10%, etc). We have feedback that GameGuru is not giving enough assets away for free as part of the main product, and oddly the 1000 items already provided as part of the core is not sufficient. Perhaps some higher quality items from the DLC might redress this concern from new GameGuru users, and I welcome feedback on this from all sides.


If you are familiar (i.e. already bought) the SCIFI DLC you will probably know by now my solution to adding transporter technology was a green glowing decal for the outbound beam and a cylinder with green goo for the return journey. Not exactly the pinnacle of science!  Well, Adam has taken pity on my poor efforts and created actual transporter pads with a few variants which will be pre-configured for immediate transport of the player when you stand in the particle beam, which will make a much more convincing effect!  This addition will join others in an update to the SCIFI DLC in the very near future to back-up our desire to make sure each asset pack we sell is cram packed with value.

Thursday will be a mixed bag as I go through 2 days of email backlog and innumerable action points from the various meetings, but I am also determined to spend at least half the day getting the latest update out on Steam, get the DLC updates out my door and in the hands of testers and to a release stage, and continue to visit all forums and social hotspots that may pose a GameGuru question. If you feel I am missing any sites, just let me know in the comment below.  Also, as another reminder, my Twitch Broadcast this week is Thursday at 4PM GMT. Lee will be there!