Thursday Fantasy

As you can see from today’s progress so far, my Knight in shining armour needs a weapon (or a flaming torch). Fortunately, my artist is on the case exporting what I need for real-time simulation and then I can have fun creating some melee combat scripts for each of my fantasy characters (barbarian, knight, archer and skeleton).  I spend a good deal of each day answering forum, support and email questions but I am pretty happy with the progress made on the Fantasy Pack DLC Update which will be going out free to all existing owners of the pack once I have implemented and tested hand to hand combat.


The only exception will be the archer who will use a bow and invisible arrows to attack from range, and use a script to manoeuvre to distant locations in order to attack.  Would be nice to have an arrow simulation in there too, but I need to ensure I don’t spend all of 2016 on one DLC when there are far more users using the core product who also need many things, not least of which is the start of the Building Editor.  Finally, if you missed this Thursdays Twitch Broadcast you can still watch the broadcast recording from the main GameGuru website, or on the Twitch Channel prior to next Wednesday when it will be Ravey who takes over while I am away on another meeting.

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