And So It Begins : Save/Load Progress

It looks like “Save/Load Progress” has just taken the lead in our community voting board, which was my personal favourite to win given the number of requests I have had for it, and the fact it leads directly to an overhaul of the LUA capabilities of GameGuru.  As the assets are now in testing, this was my first day of actual coding again after all the meetings.  I first did some research and discovered I cannot just dump the whole of the LUA system into a block of memory to save all states, it does not work quite like that.


This means we have to do it the old fashioned way with individual lines saving each piece of data we deem worthy of restoration. Of course there will be LOTS of data, but if I can use LUA to make this process transparent, easy to add to and relatively quick then we’ll be laughing.

I also pledged to take every opportunity to externalise hard-coded stuff, so as the LOAD and SAVE buttons will be part of the standalone game menu, and the menu is currently hard coded, I decided step one was to convert it to LUA script based.  Right now I have it running in a LUA loop with a single button displayed, but that’s a pretty cool step as it means I just need to add the rest of the buttons, the backdrop, the interface controls and some new commands to trigger the page to advance to loading, or set up a level restore, or quit the standalone, e.t.c.  You can see now why it was my favourite :)  More progress on this (and a better shot) come Tuesday.

  • John Billington

    This is great Lee! although was Dx11 not in the works, what’s happened it?

  • Martin Olivier

    Are you sure ? Save and load is top dog ? Just checked it’s leading again :D People really want the building creator it seems ?

  • Andreas Ernst

    I noticed the missing of info regarding DX11 too…

  • Jussi Palomäki

    “…menu is currently hard coded, I decided step one was to convert it to LUA script based…”

    YES! YES! At least for me this is extremely important! I’ve created my own in-game menu for my game with (for my purposes) a 100 % working Save/Load system based on Save Points. A hard coded universal Save/Load system would ruin the current logic of my game and force me not to update my GameGuru until the project is finished. So please do not make a hard-coded Save/Load system :). Another thing is that making the menu available for LUA would also mean more LUA commands for us to allow more flexible game creating. So thank you in advance. Keep up the good work!

  • T-Rex

    YAY! :D

    If we are able to have global values saved this would be great.

  • Dave

    Thats worth a woop I feel… WOOP!