Meetings Almost Done

I don’t recall a year where I had so many meetings this close together, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with one more next week, two in two weeks time and one at the end of February, and then it should be back to one per month and I become a coder again.  Normally meetings are standard business tools, but our take all day and most of them I have to drive 2 hours before I can attend them.  The agenda point agreed was that I return and spend a day sorting out some of the old TGC products, ready for open sourcing, so no GameGuru news today.

I still have a little more work to do, such as find a suitable server location for a huge collection of FPSC Model Packs which we will be making free, and add the source code for four plugins to the Dark Basic Pro open source code. Both will now live on GitHub and I hope these products give a little more pleasure in their twilight years.  Of course I am always interested if anyone would like to contribute as a collaborator on either of these projects, so email me if you would like the responsibility with a C.V and credentials at

I can report that work on the new LUA-powered title and game screens is going well, and I am really excited about the process of externalising the hard coded stuff so you get ultimate power over what you create, and I get to focus more on the parts you really want to see such as a CLONE feature in the LASSO widget menu :)

  • T-Rex

    does this mean the title screen, loading screen, menu screen, saving screen, loading screen and game over screen will all be editable?

  • Crankenstein

    Fantastic news looking forward to Save and load.No excuse for not finishing my game now!