Back To LUA Land

With the first salvo of open source files out in the open, I returned to my Monday desk to find a few more emails on the subject, but decided to spend the time progressing the LUA conversion of the title and game pages. I now have a save menu, and a good transition for all pages except the graphics, sound, win and lose pages which I plan to do Tuesday. I also had to go through about 12 GameGuru related emails which backlogged from the meetings last week and the open source day on Friday. The HIDEHUDS command is now fixed which means it no longer hides the TAB TAB menus, plus a few more fixes, including a sneak peek at a HUGE game a user sent me to show a specific bug with Character Creator heads. As I can reproduce, I am very likely to find a fix for this after the LUA title page and save/load work, and help what looks like an amazing game getting to release. I say amazing but I only had a few minutes to play through it, but in those few minutes I was in space, I explored a star base, transported to a dropzone, stole a vehicle and encountered some kind of enemy base, and then I was attacked and destroyed.  I think you will be in for a treat when the game finally gets released, and I am very pleased these types of projects are being attempted with GameGuru.  More news, and perhaps a pic, on Tuesday.