More Steam Control For Me

My plan was a productive day of coding on the save/load feature, but as circumstances conspired against me, emails came first and found myself doing lots of ‘not coding’, and then at 1PM I had a call which lasted a few hours and involved the transfer of knowledge on how to upload updates to Steam.  Up until this point I have delegated it, but I needed quicker access to the process so I can get you updates sooner, so I am now an expert at making builds, uploading to Steam and making them public.

I did find time to take the advice of my fellow viewers from Thursdays Twitch Broadcast and update my title page LUA scripts to use the ‘require’ command that eliminates duplicate code by putting it in a module that can be called up and used at any time.


Perfect for the resolution detection code which was pretty big and bloaty when it came to reading the scripts for different pages of the standalone game.  Now everything is a little neater and it’s a technique that now I’ve learned it, will be making its presence felt with my scripting from now on!

Amazingly, I have nothing planned for the weekend and no meetings the following week so I am anticipating plenty of coding in the next 10 days, which is cool.  Providing the distractions from ‘email land’ are not too plentiful, I should not be at all surprised if I have finished the bones of the save and reload feature by then, which would be a great time to release it to my beta testers for some close quarters scrutiny.  Until next week, have a great weekend and happy game making!


  • Riccardo Scaringi

    I bet the 80 KB update in Steam a few hours ago has been your first attempt to send a build :-)