The King Is Dead, Long Live The King

Welcome to the final dev blog to grace this corner of the web, and say hello to it’s new home, now available from our main news feed, which has special filters so you only need to know about GameGuru if you read it through the GameGuru website, but will now be published at the same time on the TGC news site, and also links created for Facebook and Twitter. I will also be making efforts to post as announcements through the Steam system as well, to get maximum news about GameGuru out there.

It’s been fun posting here, especially when I could get away with sharing less-than-finished screenshots, mad sketches from backs of napkins and videos that did nothing to improve the image of GameGuru, but I guess I had to grow up sometime. It does mean I will no longer be told off for making silly posts, so that’s a good thing.  If you still want silly, I will continue my Twitch broadcasts each week and I dare say I’ll find more ways to antagonise the management in the future. I have ensured these blogs remain active in archived format, so students of history can look back at what it takes to make a game maker.


For now, thanks for reading my crazy antics over the last few years. I built up quite a readership here, and just like my previous Google Blog, and games tech in general, it’s time to move to more advanced technology, spreading the word even further and turning our ‘social-amp’ right up to eleven.  Be well and happy coding!

  • gary trickett

    personally i really like the style of the blogs here so i hope it wont change too much when it becomes “official” news :)