Our Zombies Are Well Fed

Apparently there was something ‘unsettling’ about the previous Zombie shots, so here is another Zombie to give you something else to have nightmares over:


As you can see, we keep our Zombies well fed. In other news, testing proceeds well and despite my resistance to adding any new code tweaks I relented so as to ensure you get the best software possible in the time allotted. I will be doing plenty of testing this evening to make sure the critical changes we made today (the day before our launch) has not introduced any nasties.

If all goes well we will successfully release on Friday and I can start packing for the long flight from the UK to the US where I will be demonstrating GameGuru at GDC in the South Hall Lobby Easy Bridge most mornings. Rest assured I will be taking the means to make critical fixes with me, one of the burdens of being lead programmer AND lead technology evangelist rolled into one.  You can also follow my movements around GDC via my twitter feeds at @leebambertgc.

Zombies Attack!

With the last of the tweaks being made to the software, we’re down to the very minor issues of improving a few of the web site screenshots. I was asked to find a better ‘more scary’ shot of our Warehouse sample game and came up with this one:


Or perhaps we needed something a little more action based, so I also chose this one which perhaps give you more of a live action feeling:


Given my torn emotions I decided to send both for consideration, and post both here so they do not go quietly into that good night.

A Good Day – Now Less Than Ten

We now have less than ten tasks on the task list, that’s across all of us, with some very minor things remaining. This means of course we have spent more time testing (and admittedly having fun too).  Not much to report in terms of new features as you might expect, but we’re in good shape for our impending Steam release.  I do invite you to check out the new GALLERY section on the main game guru website as the demo games section is pretty cool: https://www.game-guru.com/demo-games

The Week Of Testing

As much as I would have liked today to be about test upon test, it had a fair few ‘fixes’ injected into it as well, which is something I would like to see the end of very soon. From experience, I know adding things so close to the finish line is VERY dangerous, so I will be particularly ruthless this week. The tests I have done have been great so far, so a good start to the week. Will be scheduling some tests at 7PM and MIDNIGHT, if I can keep my eyes open that long, been a long day after a very hectic weekend.  Hopefully I can bring you some nice screenshots with my post on Tuesday :)

Welcome To The GameGuru Dev Blog

As we near the end of our final development month for the Early Access build of GameGuru, the team are getting quite excited to see it all come together. In fact the last few weeks have seen our built-in asset collection and sample game levels increased two fold, and playing the wide variety of game styles gives us a real feeling for where the product is heading.

For the most part development mode has been switched over to ‘play test’ mode, and it’s a lot of fun. As of today I only have one ‘outstanding issue’ and the rest of the day will be given over to more level creation, game play testing and OS hopping to ensure we have a solid Steam launch in March.

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