GameGuru - Military Pack

If your game levels require a military presence or decor for dystopian post-nuclear worlds, then look no further than this pack! You get a great selection of over 100 high-quality assets including large and small furniture, equipment items, as well as scenic objects to add an authentic touch to a military incursion or guerilla warfare campaign!

This pack contains the following:

  • 2 Mortars
  • 2 Metallic Storage Barrels
  • 3 Barbed Wire Barriers
  • 3 Concrete Barriers
  • 3 Computer and Parts
  • 4 Beds (Camper Beds and Bedroll and Case
  • 4 Sandbag Piles
  • 6 Utility Generators
  • 6 Military Tents
  • 6 Wooden Storage Crates
  • 16 Metal Containers and Cases
  • 5 Chairs and Stools
  • 24 Desks and Constituent Parts
  • 24 Locker Cabinets and Constituent Parts

You won't find a collection at this price and quality in any other game maker! All assets are AAA fully PBR textured, complete with correct material and collision assignments and ready to drop into your next game making project.

To use this pack, when you run GameGuru and click on Add New Entity in the Library you will see a category called "Military Pack". Click on this to start browsing through your new game assets. All the assets in this pack are royalty-free, meaning any game you make with them can be legally sold by you.