I can't download model packs or models from the store.
I'm having problems uploading to the store, where can I find help?
I need more characters for my games, will you be making more?
I want to sell in the store, how do I do this?
I've purchased an item from the store and I'm having problems, Who should I contact?
Is there a demo or free version of GameGuru?
Who do I contact about multiple copies of GameGuru?
We are an educational body and would like to buy GameGuru.
GameGuru is in Early Access, what does this mean?
Could I make a zombie survival game?
I see that GameGuru comes with a set of weapons, will you be offering more in the future?
How large a outdoor map can I make in GameGuru?
When will melee weapons and other models packs be available?
I want to build many levels for my game, can I?
How do I sell games I make in GameGuru?
I would like to suggest a feature, how can I do this?
I need help with making custom media for GameGuru.
Which model formats does GameGuru support?
I use 3D Max and want to convert my file for use in GameGuru.
Can I develop games for Consoles or other Platforms?
I've read all the FAQ but still can't find the answer I need.
I think I've found a bug, where do I report it?
What are the GameGuru shortcut keys?
How can I locate where the game assets are installed?