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GameGuru Dev Blog - Isometric Games

One of the biggest difficulties with making an isometric game in GameGuru has been the camera collision system which will zoom in past any obstruction to stay focused on the player, but in isometric games that require the hero to walk under a bridge or structure, this resulted in a rapid and genre breaking zoom of the camera to the back of the characters head. Hardly desirable. Thanks to the work of an artist creating plenty headway in this genre, I was encouraged to help add a new feature which disables this behaviour when the camera settings are configured for top-down isometric gameplay.

Alas I cannot reveal the cool graphics that accompany this concept, not until the artist is ready with the final shots, but I could snatch a small example of the kind of technique I describe, and you can appreciate that when the character walks under the beam, you don't want the camera shifting from its fixed perspective. This rigid camera defines the game type and the level design choices for the game developer, and ensuring its integrity means you will soon be playing and making much more than FPS games.  This feature will be part of the V1.12 update coming soon.

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GameGuru Dev Blog - Headless No More

This week we're moving the often overcomplicated and candid GameGuru dev blog over to our main news feed, allowing insights into the development process to reach further and wider. The news feed hooks into the main TGC site as well as Facebook and Twitter posts, so you will never miss an opportunity to find out what's going on in the world of GameGuru.

Today a well-hidden bug was identified and fixed which caused characters created with the built-in Character Creator module to loose their heads on secondary levels of multi-level standalone games. You may have made many games, never to encounter this one, but you'll be pleased to learn from the next update you never will.  The current update stands at 22 fixes and tweaks, and will be called V1.12, to be released in a few weeks time.

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Lil Car GameGuru Tutorial

Today's Twitch session has our man Ravey showing you how to expand out from the usual first and third person views and make a top down car driving demo. You'll learn a lot if you watch both videos in this tutorial.

From taking a car object modelled in Blender, importing it into GameGuru and then controlling the car within a game.

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Sci-Fi Pack and Bundle Released

Today we have released a high quality Sci-Fi themed DLC for GameGuru.

This DLC includes over 200 items and is available for purchase from the GameGuru web site here.

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GameGuru Twitch previews new Sci Fi Pack

Earlier this week, Ravey from the GameGuru team ran a live Twitch session where he showcased the soon to be released Sci Fi pack DLC for GameGuru.