Take your game ideas to the next level with GameGuru MAX

Featuring a fully customisable, enhanced game-making user interface ideal for rapid design and level creation

Get ready for the next generation of GameGuru and prepare yourself for faster performance and incredible new visuals

Taking lessons from years of game-makers feedback, we have crafted GameGuru MAX to deliver the tools you need to quickly create your own games, even if you have no prior knowledge of game design, and there is no coding or modelling required

New features

New UI

The benefits of a NEW UI are immediately apparent when you use the new menus, toolbar and dockable windows, which are now responsive and smooth, yet retain a familiarity which means GameGuru Classic users can dive right in

GameGuru MAX is backwards compatible with your existing game projects, so you can load in your old levels and carry on where you left off, with the extra power of the editor

The Character Creator, Structure Editor and Model Importer are now located on the top toolbar and all editor features have been standardised with simple and recognisable gadgets and handy instant tooltips

New character creation and behaviour

One of the most powerful additions to the software is the NEW character creation and behaviour system which features:

  • Quality art
  • Voice recording
  • Text to speech
  • Lip-syncing
  • Auto-gestures
  • Smooth transition animations

New characters can walk and talk with the player with a greater sense of realism, plus you can create new characters for your game as you need them

Enhanced Structure Editor
To reduce your reliance on stock assets or imported models, we have also enhanced the Structure Editor with a standardised panel for all your editing needs, with auto-camera adjustment to make the creation of multi-layer structures a cinch. There is also no need for keyboard shortcuts with every function available as instant tooltip buttons from the structure editor panel
Dynamic LUA system
The icing on the cake for users who prefer not to script is the new Dynamic LUA system which will not only offer you the choice of behaviour to apply to your entity, but you can modify the behavioural elements of the script using simple gadgets such as value sliders and text entry fields. No longer are scripts a fixed one-case logic block, you can now adjust elements of the logic to suit your requirements. In this illustration, you can see the character properties that allow you to edit the range at which the character detects you, the speed at which they move, the rotation motion and the words they speak when they meet the player
Perhaps the most fundamental enhancement over the classic version is the implementation of a new scene lighting model and world system to bring a greater sense of realism to your creations. For this we have started from the ground up by throwing away the old shaders, terrain, grass and sky systems, replaced with the powerful 'Wicked Engine' for correct light and shadows, which will also feature scalable terrain system with improved geometry and texture control, multiple grass forms for realistic ground coverage, scalable tree rendering system and new dynamic cloud and weather system. Using these improved controls, even an empty world will look realistic and ready to explore

GameGuru MAX in-game visuals are under construction. We'll post updates and screen shots in the months to come. It is anticipated that the minimum specification for this product will require an NVIDIA GTX 960 or equivalent graphic card. We have also set the minimum operating system to Windows 10 or above for compliance with the Windows Mixed Reality requirements.

GameGuru MAX has many more NEW features including:

Photon Multiplayer
Create standalone multiplayer games, no need to own GameGuru MAX to play saved multiplayer games
Mixed Reality VR Support
Use any Microsoft Mixed Reality Headset to play your single or multiplayer games in VR
Open XR Support
Play single or multiplayer games in VR with any OpenXR supported headset
Multi-core Asset Loading
Editor loads visual assets in the background to speed up initial loading and editor navigation
Entity Search & Filter System
Find entities by keyword name, filter and sort to quickly find the entity you are after
3D Entity Preview and Multi-Selection
Hover over any entity in library to see a 3D preview of it before selection, and select multiple entities at once