Our mission and vision

Our mission

Our mission is to develop an open world game creator that's easy to use and produces very high quality results in all areas; such as superior art & animation, smooth gameplay and top class audio.

We're a UK Indie development team with years of experience. GameGuru is being designed by gamers for gamers and we want to build and design it along with our enthusiastic community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to produce The Ultimate Game Creator for the PC - the defacto standard by which all other game making products will be compared. A solution that is easier, more powerful, affordable and flexible than any of its competitors. A product grounded and shaped by the community that gives it life.

We'll embrace new and exciting hardware, acting as champions as we pioneer new experiences and in the process creating fresh new game creating communities. We'll expand the gaming possibilities of the engine as we move forward.

Developing game creating tools is what drives us and we're super passionate in finding ways to make the whole game creation process as easy as possible.