GameGuru Dev Blog - Ouch!

Well, what a day it's been so far. If you joined me yesterday for the live Twitch Broadcast you will have learned by now that I have done something horrid and painful to my old back, and now every physical task is accompanied by extreme quantities of our mutual friend, pain. That said, I had a job to do, and as my fingers still move about without flinching, I was able to continue working on the next update, which will be V1.121.

The purpose of this next update is to give you more tweak fixes while you wait for the Save/Load Progress Feature, plus a glimpse into how I will be handling the externalizing of the mechanisms into LUA script code.  A new script called gameloop.lua has been crafted which shows how the logic for recharging the player's health can now be edited in simple LUA, and it even takes the properties stored in the Player Start marker as starting values.  For most of you this will not be significant, and the functionality remains identical, but for those who want to experiment with more advanced regeneration systems such as shields and other health-giving logic, it's as close as you can get to writing the whole engine yourself.

We expect to release the next update around Easter, so we have plenty of time to run what we've created through our internal beta testers, and ensure you get a solid update for the end of the month, plus some time for me to recover so you have 100% of my attention when we go for launch.