GameGuru Enhanced Weapons Pack DLC - not only on promotion but now updated!

The GameGuru Enhanced Modern Weapon Pack is a great way to expand the scope of your games, with new and amazing ways to eviscerate your enemies!  In addition to a great discount, there has been a new update from the ultimate weaponsmith, ErrantAI.  Check out the changelog below to see what's new!


  • Added mono fire.wav (and altfire.wav where used) format gunshot SFX for NPC use and edited gunspecs to use it
  • This solves the issue of not being able to hear NPC gunshots but results in some quality loss for player gunshots
  • Original stereo fire.ogg files have not been overwritten and may be reverted by devs with gunspec edits to sound1/altsound1
  • Gunspec changes affect: AKM, AR15, M29S, Mk18, Mk19T, R870
  • Gunspec changes have NOT been made to melee weapons as there is no meaningful native support in GG for NPCs to use these and it doesn't seem worth the quality drop
  • Gunspecs edited to change fireloop to =0 for semiautomatic weapons/modes to prevent audio truncation when NPC shoots

If you don't yet have the GameGuru Enhanced Weapons Pack DLC, we are currently running a promotion on Steam with a great discount. So there is no better time to buy and add some of the best weapons you will find in any game maker.