GameGuru Easter Game DLC Released!

We have released a special Easter DLC for GameGuru!

This new pack contains over 90 Easter themed game making assets and can be snapped up for just $4.99! There's also a 25% discount during the launch week.

GameGuru Release V1.121 - Happy Easter

We are pleased to announce the release of V1.121 which includes a number of fixes, plus a pre-Easter treat in the form of a complete Easter Game which you can now find in a new Standalone menu at the top of the screen.  See if you can make it all the way to the end and rescue the princess!  Here is a list of tweaks and fixes in this build:

Added documentation of PasteSprite, a new command to render sprite in LUA-time Added new PasteSpritePosition ( spr, x, y ) as above but specify XY coordinate Introduced new SAVE and LOAD menus to the Standalone Executable Updated Save Standalone LUA scripts to use style.txt to indicate folder location Added common fillgameslots.lua in titlesbank for central game slot handling Added SetFreezePosition(xyz), SetFreezeAngle(xyz) and TransportToFreezePosition() Save game position now stores; player position and player angle Added code to delete zone markers if map.way missing in FPM file and testmap folder FANTASY DLC : Added first person weapons for SWORDS and AXE Added code to hide weapon selection if have no first person model (HUD.X) Added code to not offer CAN TAKE WEAPON in character properties if no HUD.X Added gamedata and restoregame LUA scripts to handle game state functionality Game now restores game state from LOAD menu in MAIN MENU or IN-GAME MENU Fixed issue of HUDs disappearing in standalone executable Added 'Outline72' font to the fontbank for use in LUA scripting Added 'noxzrotation' to FPE to deactivate XZ rotation on spraying this entity Runtime Error Messages now use the TOPMOST flag so they are not hidden when shown Added extra runtime information to CreateSprite when image number not loaded When the DESTROY command is called in LUA script, entity health is now set to zero Fixed an issue with multi-level games not saving standalone properly Added new STANDALONE menu to IDE to host Easter Game + Easter Game Standalone Removed limit on player 'grunts when hurt', now happens anytime, not last 25% Externalized the Player Health Regeneration code into new gameloop.lua script NOTE: Above architecture will help shift more hard coded mechanisms into LUA Fixed issue causing nested ingame LUA menu to trigger invisible FPS warning box Moved drawing of weapon HUD so HIDEHUD system not making it disappear GameLoop.lua now included in Standalone Executables

Work continues on the V1.13 update which will include the Save/Load Progress feature plus another collection of tweaks, including new LUA commands so watch this space for more details. If you want to make your own Easter Game, watch out for the forthcoming Easter DLC which will be released to Steam at 6PM today. Remember this is a time limited DLC, which means you will only have a few weeks to buy it before it disappears along with the Easter bunny. Happy game making!

GameGuru Dev Blog - More To Save

After one of my drives exploded, and after repairs and file restorations, I am back in the coding seat adding more functionality, specifically the Save/Load Progress feature I am tasked to complete, which can now store the player's weapon selection, health and lives count, plus all the weapons carried, and their various ammo values. The best part is that all this happens via LUA script and not hard coded.  The standalone currently does not save or restore things like entities or other in-game metrics, but I've created a test map which shows all the states in transition so it's just a matter of laying down some more code. The method of saving the game states to a file is also pretty neat, in that to avoid backward and forward compatibility issues as more data needs saving, the script identifies properties with a key, and extracts the value from that unique key name. 

11: Mon Mar 21 22:18:16 2016

GameGuru Twitch - An Easter Treat

The power of teamwork meant that as one Guru coder trips, another takes over to bring you the latest, and on this occasion a live broadcast of the next product to enter the GameGuru universe, our Easter DLC. This product is rather special however as the concept is that it is seasonal, which means it will only exist for a narrow window during the year. My own hope is that we can continue to grow the content of this Easter DLC each year, and make it available only during the easter fun.  For a sneak peak of what's coming, Ravey has kindly fielded the Twitch broadcast this week and provided a recording for you:

GameGuru - Time For Teaser

As promised, here is another small teaser on what you might expect a little later this month, and if you join Ravey on Wednesday 4PM GMT he will be preparing a little more of that teaser for you so make your way to to find out a lot more.