Lil Car GameGuru Tutorial

Today's Twitch session has our man Ravey showing you how to expand out from the usual first and third person views and make a top down car driving demo. You'll learn a lot if you watch both videos in this tutorial.

From taking a car object modelled in Blender, importing it into GameGuru and then controlling the car within a game.

Sci-Fi Pack and Bundle Released

Today we have released a high quality Sci-Fi themed DLC for GameGuru.

This DLC includes over 200 items and is available for purchase from the GameGuru web site here.

GameGuru Twitch previews new Sci Fi Pack

Earlier this week, Ravey from the GameGuru team ran a live Twitch session where he showcased the soon to be released Sci Fi pack DLC for GameGuru.

GameGuru News

There have been some great screenshots uploaded into the GameGuru Gallery. If you're working on a GameGuru game then please share your work via the Gallery. We pick the best images and share them here in the news channel.

The Gallery has filter settings, so play around with them and view images most recently uploaded to see the latest and best shots. You can also rate images by liking them.