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Welcome once again to our weekly news. We hope that you are enjoying our recent release at the end of last week. The build has been very well received.  As well as making a large number of tweaks and fixes which solve issues raised by our community and beta testing team, we’ve added some extremely powerful Sprite commands that open up a lot of development doors. It’s time to start thinking about those lock-picking sub games and a host of other features.

This week we’re taking another look at our amazing community and there is a lot of really nice work-in-progress out there.

First off this week is this excellent and atmospheric screenshot from forum user Shivers. It’s great to see more and more genres making the way into the world of GameGuru.


Wild West Town by Shivers

Another great change of pace is this tribute from the talented and inventive Synchromesh,


This wonderful looking and atmospheric piece really showcases what can be done with just a little work. We hope to see more from him again soon. You’ll also spot the new radar feature in the video above and you can find details of how you can use this in your own games later in this news update.

This next one from M2Design is a little more traditional but shows great promise. Blight Island’s plot is still unannounced, but we were instantly reminded of a certain other game, not a ‘Far Cry’ away.

blight islandwere

If you like what you see in this video, you should also check out the designers store media. He has an excellent range of buildings and other assets at great prices.

From the Steam boards, user and forum support team member Myke P showcases another excellent screenshot from his continued mission to impress us all.


In other news, let’s take a quick look at what’s in the latest GameGuru build. If you’ve not already grabbed yourself the last Friday’s release you should update now for some excellent additions. We’ve added so much that we’ll only list a few here, but there are some great and much-requested features.

  • Added new EDITORS\KEYMAP folder with ability to remap any key used by GameGuru
  • Speeded up entity zoom in mode
  • PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN now respects the size of the selected entity when in snap mode
  • Fixed a slowdown in the IDE when not selecting an object or scrolling with WASD or arrow keys
  • Character Creator now reports head limbs being shot and has been added to light ray render
  • Fixed an issue where an entity would turn to wireframe when still above the ground
  • Fixed an issue with SKYSPEC file settings
  • Fixed an issue where the property panel would stay open if a video was selected whilst in properties
  • Fixed a problem with resetting weapons
  • Fixed an issue with using the widget and R key to rotate
  • New Gem World game added
  • Media from Gem World added to the Cartoon category for you to use.
  • Shoot an enemy in the head and you’ll take down the opponent in one shot, yes we’ve added headshots to this build.
  • Added back spot flashes for player and enemies shooting.
  • The scripting commands have been expanded significantly so you can take final control in many areas of the engine.

The light mapper has had some subtle improvements too.

  • Added light mapping settings in SETUP.INI for higher quality shadows
  • Smoothing angle added to light mapper settings and setup.ini
  • Fixed light map darkness issue by correctly applying ambient light calc from non-LM shader
  • Fixed an issue with the light mapper that ignored certain objects scaling

For a full break down of what’s new, check out this thread in the forums.

Signing Off.

That’s it from us for another week, Christmas is rapidly approaching and we are expecting to be coding up to the last minute. There will be one more news update before then, so keep an eye out next Monday for more exciting GameGuru information.

As always, thank you for your support and speak soon.

The GameGuru Team