<h1 style="margin-top:0"><font face="Arial" size="6" color="#DDDDDD">GameGuru - the easy game maker</font></h1> <font face="Arial" size="2" color="#DDDDDD"> <p><font color="#AAAAAA">23rd March 2015</font></p> <p>The Game Creators reported the Early Access launch of GameGuru has been very positive, with GameGuru receiving great reviews from many users. Feedback included that GameGuru was very easy to use, could create games in minutes and was a bargain at under $20. It was also remarked that the variety of graphic styles was a welcome feature meaning the games created with GameGuru will look different for each user.</p> <p>An official Early Access product on STEAM <a style="color:#E52100;" href=""></a>, the easy to use game experience is available for beginners, hobbyists and Indies on the largest digital store in the world.</p> <p>The Game Creators CEO, Lee Bamber, who featured on the Intel stand at GDC, said "GDC was a great year for game makers, with many announcements and some new technologies on the horizon. More gamers than ever before want to create their own games and experiences, and it's great to see this part of the market expand. Game Guru is ideally placed to bring the world of game making to a wider audience and we look forward to introducing new technologies such as VR in the not too distant future. Our take-away is that people want a creative experience, and they don't want obstacles and barriers to entry, and software that makes this process easy will go a long way."</p> <p>The Game Creators Development Director, Rick Vanner, said "We're not being complacent, we've already released eight updates with new features and tweaks in the three weeks following GDC. Just this week we released a Team based multiplayer update! Our aim is to learn from our users and continue to improve GameGuru to ensure it's easy to use, works flawlessly and delivers high quality results."</p> <p>TheGameCreators are already looking at a Global Illumination solution so GameGuru can match the visual expectations of modern gamers.</p> <p>The GameGuru official website can be found at <a style="color:#E52100;" href=""></a></p> <p><font color="#AAAAAA">ENDS</font></p> <br> <p><strong>Press contact:</strong><br> Meash Meakin at The Game Creators Ltd<br> +44 7900 262000 or <a style="color:#E52100;" href=""></a></p> <br> <p><strong>STEAM codes:</strong><br> Steam codes are available from the press office for journalists wishing to review GameGuru <a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>Press kit:</strong><br> High resolution screen shots are available from the press kit <a href=""></a></p> <br> <h2><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#DDDDDD">About The Game Creators</font></h2> <p>The Game Creators, a privately owned UK company, are developers and publishers of affordable game development tools. Established in 1999, their brands include DarkBASIC, The 3D Gamemaker, AppGameKit, FPS Creator, DarkBASIC Professional and DarkGDK. They are official Intel Black Belt Developers with a driving focus of bringing game making tools software to the masses.</p> <p>Learn more about games creation and join a thriving game making community at: <a style="color:#E52100;" href=""></a>.</p> </font>
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