A weekly round-up of all things GameGuru (from Bolt-Action Gaming)

Official GameGuru News

Well, another pack got more of a PBR DLC treatment: https://www.thegamecreators.com/post/gameguru-construction-site-dlc-updated-4

Lee made a minor series of patches on Github centering around some slight code changes. He also made a new branch on Github for alpha releases. https://github.com/TheGameCreators/GameGuruRepo/tree/AlphaSite

On an aside, this week the Facebook GameGuru community group (click here for a link) was recently given a new administrator or three.  As a result it's in the middle of a facelift.  Given this is a community run Facebook page, it's definitely going to start being more active if you're into that kind of thing.

What's Good in The Store

MStockton put up a new script (well priced) that allows you to display a map when the M Key is pressed.  Campana Productions added a glass wall maze set, which is a fairly interesting system I'd consider taking a look at.

Free Stuff

Lafette II put up a link to all of his free works as well as a greenhouse.  Check it out here: https://forum.game-guru.com/thread/220474

Third Party Tools and Tutorials

This week on the store someone added Game Launcher Creator for 24.99 - it's a great utility and it comes highly recommended from some users I interviewed for my book.

Random Acts of Creativity (WIPs)

Duchenkuke continues to show his mastery over outdoor environments.  He's added some beautiful screenshots for his first level....

and gave teasers of his second...

I have to say, it's definitely refreshing to see someone with proficiency using the engine to it's fullest.

Bonesy continues work on his unique cyberpunk shooter:

And in other news I found this great gem of a re-texture by Wolf.  He took one of the war-torn buildings and fixed some of the model's polys.  He then cleaned up the texture and... wow.  What a night and day difference!

In other news I got a request to review some games that are being released on steam.  I was given some free DLC keys to review them.  I will probably get to that after my book is with the publisher, but right now I'm simply too crunched to take private requests like this. In the meantime, keep on chugging guys and gals!

In My Own Works

This week I got good news back from my publisher and bad news.  The first bit is I won't have to rewrite all of my content, which is great.  It really shaves time down so I can keep the personalized style I went with for it.

The downside is I need all of my pictures ready when I submit, meaning I spent 4 hours yesterday night making just a spreadsheet to keep track of the 167 pictures going into the book.

That's before I even get the pictures in!

That said if I can have this done by the end of the week we'll be moving to formatting, then submission!

Michael Messina (AKA Bolt-Action Gaming) is a native of central Pennsylvania, currently residing near York. He is a Linux Systems Engineer, part-time author, part-time Indy game-dev and full-time father. He is currently working on authoring a start to finish guide for GameGuru via Taylor and Francis (via CRCPress).