GameGuru Fantasy Pack DLC updated!
See your magic staffs rendered in glorious PBR when viewed in the first-person perspective with the updated GameGuru Fantasy Pack!
GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack updated!
GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack updated with a good old Tire Iron, a Homemade Scythe for your dystopian survival adventures and the Panga, a pretty lethal take on the machete!
GameGuru Donation System
Learn more about the GameGuru donation system and what's been developed so far with the funds donated......
GameGuru Enhanced Weapons Pack released!
Prepare yourself for a GameGuru weapons pack that will take your games to a whole new level, and rival any weapons pack from any games engine, anywhere!
GameGuru Mega Pack 3 DLC updated!
We bring you another update to the huge GameGuru Mega Pack 3, featuring improved Physically Based textures for vehicles, a skip and road furniture.