GameGuru Classic - March update released!

The latest update for GameGuru Classic is now out, and for the first time since we launched many years ago, there have been no engine fixes required since the December update.  If you spot any new issues please let us know on our issues board.

That said, we did get plenty of contributions from community members Teabone and Preben via GitHub repository pull requests that fix performance and add to the script side of GameGuru Classic, and here they are:

The performance work was a stealth commit by Preben and improved the overall speed of the entire games engine by optimizing for 'Max Speed', and also improving the speed of animation control and the LUA loop system.  Many thanks for the contributions, from TGC and the community!

We committed two years ago to support GameGuru Classic with fixes for as long as there was a community around it and this is still the case. We hope you continue to enjoy making games with this increasingly classic game maker.

As always, we encourage you to check out the GitHub repository that holds the source code to GameGuru Classic and if you have some C++ skills, and feel inclined, make some additions and let us know.  We are always looking for new features to release........and the community will be very happy with you!

For general news and an extended Live Chat with the community, check out the live broadcast on our YouTube channel which goes out on the last Saturday of every month on YouTube at 7PM GMT.