GameGuru Classic - CineGuru now available!

TheGameCreators are pleased to announce the release of Cine|Guru - their first collaboration with Tanner Productions.

Cine|Guru adds the often requested option to add cinematic cut-scenes to GameGuru Classic, providing all the scripts and camera tricks you'll need to provide that extra gloss for your games.  You can generate these live in GameGuru Classic or even use 3rd party screen capture software to create videos of the action for later use.

This new DLC add-on is a revolutionary asset and script pack that gives you the tools to create your own in-game cinematics and scripted sequences for GameGuru Classic games. From fully-controllable cameras to actors that move, perform and speak according to your instructions. Cine|Guru gives you the power to create stunning story sequences, all without barely touching any code.

You can find out more by visiting the official GameGuru Classic CineGuru Steam page