GameGuru Classic - June Bug Fixes released!

We've just released our second quarterly update for 2022 and continue our pledge of keeping GameGuru Classic bug-free. In addition to the usual suspects, we are treating you to some optimization work for this update.

The LUA Parsing is now faster, as too is the particle updater system.  A new folder called "cachebank" is used to cache things that take a long time to convert and save, meaning the next time that asset is touched, a faster method of loading it in can be used.  Some image loading used mipmaps needlessly, causing a slower load and using more memory; this update resolves that so only images that need mipmaps get them. 

The overall file handler has been optimized, removing some functionality that GameGuru Classic did not need, so now any activity involving file access has been sped up across the board.  Elements data in the past has been a loading bottleneck, so thanks to recent work with MAX we are able to include a much faster method now for all Classic users.  We have also improved the speed of the weapon system settings parser too!

Rendering optimization is also available in this update, improving the object culling system speed from this update onwards. On the subject of rendering, we also enhanced the ability of the game engine to use any optional Unicode folder names when loading textures, causing bugs to those users who need to use Unicode folders, mainly non-English versions of Windows.

And finally, we pushed out into fresh waters and added some new functionality for you. All object properties now have a Shadows and Reflection setting so you can now render decals and transparent objects in water reflections, a feature request by a top maker of GameGuru Classic games.

We remain constantly vigilant, so if you do find an issue that you would like to see fixed in the next quarterly update please do post it on our issues board