GameGuru Classic - March update released!

The latest March fixes update is now out, including both bug fixes and new feature additions thanks to community contributions from Preben, Teabone and Cybernescence.  A massive thanks from everyone here at TheGameCreators.  If you spot any new issues please let us know on our issues board.

Here are a few of the items we fixed in this update:

  • When using Third Person Perspective, characters no longer slide about when moving
  • Fixed Medieval Weapons that previously stopped working from the last update
  • Fixed issues related to outdoor structures and the AI system
  • Gun Projectiles once again allow overriding of the spotlighting for the additional lighting effect
  • Character Creator now correctly assigns male and female based on the head chosen
  • Some weapons under specific conditions would not fire, now fixed so all weapons fire when have ammo
  • Several issues related to exporting and running standalone games resolved

We also have some notable feature additions from the community including:

  • The red health warning effect is now set to 50% of health instead of 99 points of health, no longer ignoring maximum health and allowing a better gaming experience
  • Multiple Win Zones allow win zones to be re-named to custom additional win zones, which are then specified by trigger zones for additional objectives for the player
  • You can now play video animations on entities such as fixed on a wall TV, and you can also change the texture on characters via script too!

As always, we encourage you to check out the GitHub repository that holds the source code to GameGuru Classic and if you have some C++ skills, and feel inclined, make some additions and let us know.  We are always looking for new features to release and the community will be very happy with you!

For regular news and insights behind the scenes check out our broadcasts on our YouTube channel (which now includes a dedicated section on GameGuru Classic) which goes out on YouTube every Wednesday at 7 PM GMT.