GameGuru Construction Site DLC updated

Welcome to the third update of the GameGuru Construction Site Pack, bringing with it more top quality game-ready assets for your next project. In addition to the huge collection of construction props currently available you will find:

  • The Porta-Potty
  • Gas Canisters x 2
  • Hard Hat
  • Wire Reel
  • Lunchbox
  • Petrol Can
  • Shovel
  • Roadsign
  • Dark wood table

Back in the main engine, you may have noticed the recent PublicPreview build we just released, which is your opportunity to find any niggles that need attending before we make it live to all GameGuru users. The preview contains everything we intend to release for the next major update and its quite a comprehensive list of changes, so definitely check out the news feed to find out what you can expect around the corner.

For the Construction Site Pack DLC, we are currently running a promotion on Steam with a great discount, so there is no better time to buy and add an abandoned work site or scrapyard area to your next level: