GameGuru Dev Blog - Standalone Scrutiny

As part of my process of getting save and load progress correct, I have recruited the help of a game created by a GameGuru community member and artist, to help me anticipate the kind of file layouts, LUA globals and other curve-balls that might throw me should I restrict my tests to the default stock examples.  It has already thrown some good 'obvious' issues with basic standalone creation, such as multi-level games that place the FPM files in a subfolder of mapbank (who would have thought GameGuru users needs that ;).  Anyhoo, fixing these silly things along the way really gets them out of the way and the result will be a very solid standalone export for V1.13, not to mention the save and load feature as a bonus.

The thumbnail image is taken from the aforementioned user game, and more on this cool family game will be revealed in the next few weeks and a final showing later in the month. For now, you can be warm and fussy over the new fixes that have gone in since the last dev blog:

  • Fixed issue of HUDs disappearing in standalone executable
  • Added 'Outline72' font to the fontbank for use in LUA scripting
  • Added 'noxzrotation' to FPE to deactivate XZ rotation on spraying this entity
  • Runtime Error Messages now use the TOPMOST flag so they are not hidden when shown
  • Added extra runtime information to CreateSprite when image number not loaded
  • When the DESTROY command is called in LUA script, entity health is now set to zero

My plan now is a little more coding, then maybe watch a movie, then prepare myself for a weekend in Wigan to attend a 21st birthday party to return Sunday afternoon for some more coding fun. May you also find a little fun this weekend, and for the time being, happy game making!