GameGuru Enhanced Weapons Pack released!

Prepare yourself for a weapons pack from GameGuru that will take your games to a whole new level, and rival any weapons pack from any games engine, anywhere! These AAA quality modern day weapons are excellent in every department. All of them use the highest quality PBR rendering, have thousands of technically accurate animations between them and, perhaps most importantly, can be dropped into your game instantly.

That's right, these are not just pretty weapon models you might find in other game engine asset stores, these are fully functional and have all their logic built-in. Each weapon is a true reproduction with immense detail, such as the chainsaw which needs to be filled with petrol before you can pull the cord or the sniper rifles that have multiple zoom modes, or the semi-automatic weapons that can be switched to full-automatic.

The GameGuru Enhanced Weapon Pack Includes:

AR15 - Well rounded, this semi-automatic rifle is outfitted with a red-dot and magnifier optics. Good accuracy, short-medium range optics, low light capability, and 30+1 rounds of 5.56x45mm onboard, the AR15 makes for an ideal patrol carbine or light-duty marksman rifle.

AKM - A select-fire assault rifle ubiquitous to low-intensity conflict across the globe. While this old warhorse has seen better days and lacks the appurtenances of more modern weapons, it makes up for it in firepower with 30+1 rounds of 7.62x39mm and a relatively easily tamed rate of fire.

B810 - This quick-deploying lock-blade may be small but is capable of a furious barrage of attacks. It can be held with the blade forward or reversed for a minor exchange of range for power.

Chainsaw - They don't make 'em anymore like this vintage "muscle saw". This beast is cumbersome, noisy, and guzzles fuel but once it gets going it gets the job done! Ears bleeding? Use the motor kill switch.

M29S - Don't let the diminutive size fool you, this snub-nosed .44 magnum revolver packs a serious punch. While slow to reload and limited in capacity, this six-shooter is flawlessly reliable and can be operated in either double-action or manual single-action modes for a modest exchange of speed for accuracy.

M67 - Primarily intended as a defensive weapon to deter pursuit, there's no rule that says you can't use this fragmenting hand grenade to get the party started!

Mk18 - This 5.56x45mm, commando-length "sub-carbine" boasts assault rifle firepower in a submachinegun sized package. Fast handling, fully-automatic, and topped with an illuminated red-dot optic, this weapon is ideally suited to close-quarters combat. A blistering rate of fire sends a lot of lead downrange but it can be difficult to control. To those ends, it is capable of semi-automatic fire for precision work and engaging targets at longer distances.

Mk19T - This iconic, two-tone beauty is as much of a status symbol as it is a sidearm. This pistol holds 8+1 rounds of commonly available .44 magnum ammunition and is equipped with a luminous front sight for improved aiming in all lighting conditions.

R870 - This short-barreled, pump-action, tube-fed shotgun features numerous tactical modifications including an illuminated optic for fast target acquisition. While limited in capacity to 5+1 rounds, it fires full power loads of 9-pellet, 12 gauge ammunition. The weapon's heavy recoil is best mitigated when shouldered. As such, this weapon is capable of a much brisker cadence of fire while aimed.

SledgeHammer - As simple as can be, this weapon consists of a 16lb. forged steel block mated to a shock-resistant fiberglass handle. This slow-swinging tool excels at breaking down physical barriers and for users with judicious timing, it makes a formidable melee weapon as well.

Gloves_Unarmed - For situations when your player character is unarmed. Uses the same hands as all of the other weapons in this pack. Additionally, designers can choose between four included texture sets which can also be easily applied to the other weapons to help customize their games.

As you can see, a formidable arsenal at your command, and will definitely raise the quality of your FPS game up several notches! Whether you're creating some close attack game logic, or extreme long range sniper action, you'll have plenty of choices for your next game idea.

If you are working on a first-person shooter, you cannot afford to be without this pack, which boasts some of the best weapons you will ever see and a level of functionality that's not been seen before in any previous GameGuru weapons pack. Take advantage of the launch discount and get it today!