GameGuru SciFi Pack DLC update released today

Following on from our recent GameGuru major update to DirectX 11 and PBR (Physically Based Rendering), we are now releasing new assets using the improved rendering system for more realistic materials used by the assets for your game. This time we bring you an addition to the Drone folder of the Sci-Fi Mission To Mars DLC with the inclusion of this futuristic Droid Statue.

This static droid shows off how metal, paint and rust materials can really bring out the visuals of a single item.  This droid is disabled and can be used to decorate your futuristic scenes, but let us know if you want us to put in the batteries and get it moving for you!

In other GameGuru news, we are steadily working on tweaks and features on a number of fronts, the most exciting one being an improvement to the engine memory use, so your levels will take less video memory to run. This means smaller memory footprint, faster loading and faster rendering, not to mention increased compatibility on lower end systems. For more information on this improvement and others, feel free to check out our GitHub site and see what the community of collaborating coders are up to! Or if you want to recommend a new feature or idea, feel free to post here.

If you don't yet have the Sci-Fi Mission To Mars Pack DLC, we are currently running a promotion on Steam with a great discount, so there is no better time to buy and add a whole new world to your game making collection. The discounted DLC is available here: