SCIFI DLC Mission To Mars Update

As promised, we continue to invest in the content of our existing DLCs and this time we are bring you some pretty cool extras to the SCIFI Mission To Mars DLC this month, with the addition of drones that can scout paths, defend areas and even explode on contact with the player. You will also find the awesome Futuretek Shotgun weapon added to your arsenal, plus additional Alien Temple structures, food and health packs, high-tech conveyor belts, a number of decal effects and a fully working transporter device!

And for the rest of you, we accompany this update with a host of tweaks, fixes and features for the core product, too long to list here and can be found in the changelog of the latest automated update you will receive from Steam. Amongst them include critical AI improvements based on the feedback since the release at the end of February, improvements to the Building Editor system and a few new FPE settings to give you more control over your custom entities.

We have made a small video showing all the new content we've added to the DLC, which takes advantage of the new AI system we've recently introduced for better pathfinding and combat control:

We look forward to bringing you another cool update at the end of the month, but in the meantime, if you like what you see and want to check it out, we are running a special bundle promotion next week via Steam, so feel free to check out our main GameGuru product page on Steam from Monday 13th and grab yourself a real bargain here: