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Here you will find all the latest news related to GameGuru development. You can also read our archived developer blogs.

GameGuru New Public Preview We are pleased to announce the release of an update to the public preview version of GameGuru on Steam which includes the new DirectX 11 engine and Physically Based Rendering, together with a host of fixes, new assets and functionality improvements.
GameGuru Mega Pack 1 DLC Updated Great upgrades to some of the items in Mega Pack 1 DLC with new PBR textures, including the 'Big Machine'!
AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader & Giant Asset Pack Updates We've released new updates to both AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader and Giant Asset Pack #2. These updates are free to everyone who already owns these DLCs and, if you're thinking about buying them, they are currently on offer at great discounts!
GameGuru and GameGuru Loader Can you take a GameGuru scene and run it on an Android or an iOS device? Yes now you can - with GameGuru Loader!