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GameGuru Community Assets

It has been no secret that you can get quite a lot of free assets from the GameGuru community forums, but with the release of the FPS Creator classic model packs into the land of open source, we have seen a delightful flood of them undergoing the necessary conversion, and we are starting to see some adaptions into quite cool looking offerings.  One post amongst many even hosts the download to get new characters into your creations, right HERE

GameGuru V1.13 Progress Report

Firstly, I hope you enjoyed your weekend, and before that, your Easter festivities, and we hope you liked our little seasonal DLC to help you create something Easter flavored over the holidays. As it happens, one such user took the Easter DLC assets and made a very cool bandicoot clone, including a great how-to tutorial video of the whole thing which was awesome to watch!  If you are interested, his video is here:

GameGuru - Temporal DLC

Just completed the best part of 18 hours solid coding, with a little help from Mr Jed and Mr C&W, and we have a plump new build currently winging its way to my beta testers.  So are you wondering what takes EIGHTEEN HOURS, well it's my precious save and load feature. When it encounters a multi-level game with custom scripts and globals, it actually takes an almost gymnastic effort to sort out the saving and accurate reloading of the game state, but it's much further along now.  Indeed, some of the stuff I've made sure works you will likely not be using in the short term, but it has been added for completeness.

In other news, you now have less than TWENTY FOUR hours to grab the Easter Game DLC or Pack before I deactivate it at 6PM GMT on the 6th April (later today basically). After this, you will have to wait another year to get access to Todd the rabbit, his furry enemies and probably the most advanced multi-level scripting game we've shipped so far.  If you are into making games with many levels and using custom scripts with save and load, it's a great template!   One final link from me, and then no more Easter posts from me ( I hope you had a great time and that you made lots of nice things!

Easter DLC Positive Reviews!

Time is running out to own a copy of the GameGuru Easter DLC. If you're in two minds about purchasing it then read these reviews from users the of the pack;

"10/10 An absolute must if you have kids or grand-kids. Very good assets especially the charming 3rd person playable rabbit, and enemies. With the scripts included and using only the assets in this pack you can put together all sorts of games for the little ones...Altogether it is a very well thought out and well-produced asset pack. There is nothing bad about it at all."

RetroGameBloke's Easter Game

RetroGameBloke is an avid user and fan of GameGuru. He's always been one to show what's possible with GameGuru. Over the Easter weekend he spent time building a platformer game using the new Easter DLC pack. His game stands out because he's fixed the game camera to show the game from the side, giving it a style reminiscent of arcade games from the classic PlayStation days.

You can check out his game here;