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Here you will find all the latest news related to GameGuru development. You can also read our archived developer blogs.

GameGuru Dev Blog - Something For Easter

I did promise to give you a sneak peek into our plans for later this month, and once again I tease you with far less information than you would like. I can say that when Ravey does his live Twitch Broadcast on Wednesday 4PM GMT ( you will be in no doubt what the surprise was about.  In the meantime, I can continue to raise my eyebrow in a knowing way about what is to come, but don't let me make this into something huge, just something that came from the community and we thought was really good for Easter.

In other news, work continues on the core of GameGuru and more updates are winging their way onto you right now, currently being beta tested and I hope to release them to you real soon. For a reason I will not delve into now, I have suddenly found myself with a little more time to dedicate to coding, and I plan to put that into what is now being called the V1.121 update so keep a weather eye out for that release to happen mid to late March.

GameGuru Dev Blog - Ouch!

Well, what a day it's been so far. If you joined me yesterday for the live Twitch Broadcast you will have learned by now that I have done something horrid and painful to my old back, and now every physical task is accompanied by extreme quantities of our mutual friend, pain. That said, I had a job to do, and as my fingers still move about without flinching, I was able to continue working on the next update, which will be V1.121.

GameGuru Twitch - Editing Terrain and Entities

Today we hosted a live broadcast giving a closer look at terrain and entity editing in GameGuru. If you feel you need more controls to edit your game world, this twitch broadcast is definitely worth watching before requesting new features as we show off quite a few.

GameGuru Dev Blog - Standalone Scrutiny

As part of my process of getting save and load progress correct, I have recruited the help of a game created by a GameGuru community member and artist, to help me anticipate the kind of file layouts, LUA globals and other curve-balls that might throw me should I restrict my tests to the default stock examples.  It has already thrown some good 'obvious' issues with basic standalone creation, such as multi-level games that place the FPM files in a subfolder of mapbank (who would have thought GameGuru users needs that ;).  Anyhoo, fixing these silly things along the way really gets them out of the way and the result will be a very solid standalone export for V1.13, not to mention the save and load feature as a bonus.

The thumbnail image is taken from the aforementioned user game, and more on this cool family game will be revealed in the next few weeks and a final showing later in the month. For now, you can be warm and fussy over the new fixes that have gone in since the last dev blog:

GameGuru Twitch - Weeping Statues

Today hosted our live broadcast on Twitch and featured a 60-minute walk through to make a simple 3D game with scary stone enemies.  The trick to these creatures involved their ability to move ONLY when the player was not looking at them.  Naturally the game needed more work, but it was playable and had potential, and will likely never see the light of day. You are more than welcome to take the idea and turn it into something much nicer than the one I created in less than an hour.  Here is a link to the weekly broadcast in case you missed the transmission: