GameGuru Dev Blog - A Fixin' Day

With the weekend behind us and a small mountain of forum posts, emails and support tickets to get through, Monday is shaping up to be a big one. Some nice surprises, however, including a store release that I helped in a very small way, showing a glimpse of isometric gaming in GameGuru. When you set the third person camera controls to a top-down view, the camera collision will automatically ignore near-camera obstacles to keep the perspective fixed.

GameGuru Dev Blog - Occlusion Fixed

Work continues on the V1.12 release which is now several days into beta testing, and has already yielded a few welcome fixes including an improvement to the occlusion system, which now correctly identifies the actual screen size of any entity in determining when to occlude it due to distance.  At the same time, the occasional flicker effect on entity visibility has also been dealt with meaning you can ramp Occlusion Slide to 100 now and get a flicker free experience whilst still enjoying maximum real-time occlusion in your games.

GameGuru Twitch - Fantasy DLC Characters and Weapons

If you missed our live weekly Twitch Broadcast, you can watch it again and learn about the new content we will shortly be adding to the Fantasy Pack DLC, including new characters that can be broken up and reassembled in the Character Creator, how to change character default weapons via the FPE and a few new weapons you may not have seen before.

GameGuru Dev Blog - V1.12 Enters Beta

It's been a stuttering start to the coding year, but we've finally assembled a respectable list of fixes, which have now entered beta testing and should be with you real soon. We are also taking this opportunity to make a big update to the Fantasy DLC pack, so existing owners will soon receive new characters, better creature animations and better scripts.  As a bonus, all the new characters are parted out the Character Creator too so you can make combinations of your own.

For a list of the fixes our beta testers are currently scrutinising, here they are:

GameGuru Dev Blog - Isometric Games

One of the biggest difficulties with making an isometric game in GameGuru has been the camera collision system which will zoom in past any obstruction to stay focused on the player, but in isometric games that require the hero to walk under a bridge or structure, this resulted in a rapid and genre breaking zoom of the camera to the back of the characters head. Hardly desirable. Thanks to the work of an artist creating plenty headway in this genre, I was encouraged to help add a new feature which disables this behaviour when the camera settings are configured for top-down isometric gameplay.

Alas I cannot reveal the cool graphics that accompany this concept, not until the artist is ready with the final shots, but I could snatch a small example of the kind of technique I describe, and you can appreciate that when the character walks under the beam, you don't want the camera shifting from its fixed perspective. This rigid camera defines the game type and the level design choices for the game developer, and ensuring its integrity means you will soon be playing and making much more than FPS games.  This feature will be part of the V1.12 update coming soon.