Physics improvements come to AppGameKit-GameGuru Loader!

Today AppGameKit - GameGuru Loader advances with many new features including rag doll physics and an improved vegetation system. Here's a full run down of the latest improvements to this game focused source code for AppGameKit:

Improved 3D physics support Ragdoll support, a single function that can add ragdoll physics to your characters - CreateRagdoll(objID) The Kinematic Bullet: interact with Ragdolls and objects by shooting a kinematic bullet 3D physics now set the real center of mass for all objects All physics objects now use convex hull shapes by default We've added direct support for more media including all the new PBR media Increased the vegetation baking. Vegetation is now way more intense and covers the terrain better Bug fixes, support more point lights, improved new level loading and more! Underwater post processing shader has been added, makes your underwater levels look great!

GameGuru Mega Pack 2 DLC update
Get upgraded PBR textures for the candlestick, book and several items of furniture in this free Mega Pack 2 DLC update!
The Game Creators Spring survey - $100 survey winners contacted!

Our Spring survey poled hundreds of entries and provided us with some really valuable feedback and ideas.

Thank you to everyone who took part - we're currently reading and analysing the data. What we learn from your views will directly influence our development plans moving forward for AppGameKit, GameGuru and MyWorld.

GameGuru Fantasy Pack Update
This Fantasy Pack update includes new male and female headgear for your Fantasy character creations, and the ability to assign any character-capable weapon, including all the weapons from this DLC.