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In MakeThatMoney, you play as John.. A 21 year old who decides it's time to achieve his dream of becoming a millionaire. Leaving home with just 500$ to spend, you have to start at the bottom, working for scraps, sleeping in a box every now and then..


• Day/Night Cycle: Day and Night last for 5 minutes with a 1 minute change in lighting at the end of each.

• Buy Houses: Can buy houses, sleep in them, rent them out to make money over time, and/or sell them.

• Work For Money: Can work for money, ask for promotions to make more money.

• Buy Businesses: When you have the money, you can buy a business, some will need to be stocked with goods.

• NightClub: Can play slots at the NightClub, can also have a drink, or two.

• Civilians: Good people, can be robbed at night...

• Cops: Will give chase if you have a fine.

• Bank: Can take a loan out to buy a house, or get a degree.

• Store: Can buy items to help in the long run.

• Age: If you do not become a millionaire before john passes, you lose!

• Random Crates: Random crates can be found in town. If the player has a crowbar they can open them. Items found in crates can be sold at the PawnShop.