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Category: Sci-fi
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Hi there .. I am the creator of the Protascope System and your link to the outside world ... I will be monitoring and guiding you as you progress though the system.

Firstly thanks for taking part in this VR experiment ... I would like to assure you the whole simulation is perfectly safe and if there was a problem we can disconnect you from the interface in an instant so nothing to worry about there :)

Secondly I need to tell you about the environment your in .. Of course its not real. Its a total fabrication created by the Protascope system ..

Protascope is a front end anti Hacker security system and is designed to prevent an unauthorised user from getting into a network by persistently creating more and more complex problems which also prevent the hacker from leaving, allowing us to trace him to his location and take action.

Your job is to try and beat the system. We have heard your the best so this should be interesting. I will be there to give you some helpful tips along the way.