GameGuru Fantasy Pack Update
This Fantasy Pack update includes new male and female headgear for your Fantasy character creations, and the ability to assign any character-capable weapon, including all the weapons from this DLC.
GameGuru Buildings Pack Update
Sandstone structures, concrete bunkers and rickety old sheds get a PBR make-over in the latest update to the Buildings Pack DLC
GameGuru Easter DLC Now Free
To get you into the Easter spirit, we have added some extra items to our Easter DLC which should now be visible in your listings. As a special treat, and to celebrate Easter with you, we have decided to make the whole DLC completely free!
GameGuru Melee Weapons Pack Released!
Now is the time to get up close and personal with a range of weapons that puts you toe to toe with your enemies. This new DLC is packed with 15 melee weapons for your games!
GameGuru March Public Preview
We are excited to announce the release today of the March update to the public preview version of GameGuru on Steam. By popular request, your scripts are now encrypted when you save standalone.