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Here you will find all the latest news related to GameGuru development. You can also read our archived developer blogs.

GameGuru V1.133 Released

What began as a simple update with a few well-meaning fixes has turned into something much more substantial with a range of core improvements to GameGuru, a full change log can be found in the official GameGuru forum thread announcing this update.

New GameGuru Twitch Broadcast

Want to find out more about the next update?  Well, look no further than a sneak peak preview of all the fixes and features coming to a Steam auto-update real soon with your host Lee Bamber. You can watch a recording of the live broadcast here:


V1.132 and Expansion Pack Released

Hi Fellow Game Makers,

Today we are very pleased to announce the launch of V1.132 update and most significantly, the new Expansion Pack DLC which contains over 2.8 GB of game making assets for you to enjoy. This DLC is completely free to GameGuru users and you can download it any time you like, bringing your tally of stock media to over 6000 megabytes of content.

GameGuru EBE Goes To Beta

It's been a longer road than I had planned or hoped, but I am now ready to release the EBE in a small way to our internal beta testing group who kindly offer a few hours of their time every now and again to hammer GameGuru builds to ensure they are ready for the public.  They are under a gentle NDA for the most part, but I am happy for them to share what they think of the EBE system in the forums over the next two weeks (when I will be on holiday flush the microchips out of my head and finding new ways to recharge my old brain battery).

GameGuru V1.14 EBE Progress

As a quick update on the development of the Easy Building Editor, I can report things are going very well and I am starting to get more familiar with the way this new editor module works, and I am looking forward to starting the beta process very soon.  I will not bore you with the many minor steps through what's been coded, but I can show how the EBE entity is treated much like a regular entity, so you can use the TAB clip to chop the roof off for interior editing while using the shape painting tool.  As you can see I got carried away with my quick test to add better stairs that the ones I created in my last Twitch Broadcast, created interior and exterior walls and a little hatch in the wooden room in the back (for no reason but to cut a hole in the wall).